ETSIA: University Master's Degree in Agronomic Engineering (2291)


Welcome to new students

In addition to the orientation activities that the University offers, the actions of welcoming and orientation to the students who are new to the university are concentrated in the welcome day for new students that the ETSIA Management organises each year. On that day, which is programmed for within the first three weeks of the academic year and once the ordinary registration period has finished, there is a presentation about the Centre (installations, resources and services), the cultural, sporting, student representation, solidarity and cooperation activities organised by the University, and some methodological recommendations to optimise the students’ academic achievement.

Support to academic achievement

1. The University has a Servicio de Estudiantes y Extensión Universitaria (SEEU) where university students and the rest of the university community can be informed regarding the regulations and studies plans of UPCT, as well as offering detailed information about:

  • University entry.
  • National and international summer courses.
  • Calls for: aid, prizes, competitions, contests, etc.
  • Congresses, seminars, days, etc.
  • Calls for grants.

This service contains academic information (norms, study plans) from all Spanish public and private universities. Additionally, it provides complementary information about grants, company work practices or studying abroad.

Other functions include:

  • Centralise requests for information made on the Internet
  • Prepare university information programmes, in collaboration with the Comunidad Autónoma de la Región de Murcia.

2. The Secretary for Academic Management of the ETSIA offers students all the relevant information regarding the administrative procedures for registration: orientation on recognition of credits, grant applications, etc.

3. The ETSIA has established a programme of integration of activities and days as well as dissemination of its own regulations with the basic objective of improving the Centre’s academic quality by means of orienting first-year university students to favour their adaptation to this new environment. The following specific objectives are sought:

  • Integrate the students into university life more effectively.
  • Foster their participation in the School, making them aware of its structure and services.
  • Counteract the prior disinformation the student may have, or what can be acquired in the Centre (presentation of statistics about the subjects, information on intensifications, career opportunities or mobility grants).
  • Stimulate the development of learning strategies and resources (new study methods and to favour the student acquiring knowledge of the extra-curricular and extra-institutional training resources).
  • Advise and inform the student with regard to the configuration of the training syllabus.
  • Inform the student about where to obtain academic and administrative information.

Support students with specific educational needs arising from a disability

For students with specific educational needs arising from a disability, the UPCT support and advisory services will assess the need for possible adaptations in syllabuses, itineraries or alternative studies.