ETSIA: University Master's Degree in Agronomic Engineering (2291)


Access to the degree

In accordance with Article 16 of the Real Decreto 1393/2007, de Ordenación de las Enseñanzas Universitarias oficiales, access to university master’s degree studies can be via the following routes:

  • Those students in possession of an official Spanish university qualification. In the light of the fourth additional disposition of said decreto, this is applicable to Licenciados, Ingenieros and Arquitectos as well as to Diplomados, Ingenieros Técnicos and Arquitectos Técnicos.
  • Those students in possession of a qualification issued by a further education institution within the European Higher Education Area which in the issuing country enables access to master’s degree studies.
  • Students can accede to the qualifications in accordance with education systems that are outside the European Higher Education Area without needing to homologate their qualifications; the University will check that they accredit a training level equivalent to Spanish official university qualifications and which in the issuing country enable access to postgraduate studies.

In accordance with Article 6 of the Estudios Oficiales Universitarios de Máster y Doctorado de la Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, applications to check the equivalent level of training will be managed in the Sección de Postgrado; they will request a technical report from the Comisiones Académicas de Máster. The admission decision will correspond to the commission of the Consejo de Gobierno de la UPCT competent in matters of official master’s degree studies. The application and accrediting documentation to be presented by candidates will be processed in the manner established in the rules and instructions for admissions and registration for each Academic Year.

Admission to the master’s degree

The admissions conditions to the master’s degree are established according to Article 7 of the Reglamento de los Estudios Oficiales de Máster de la UPCT, which indicates:

  • Admission to a master’s degree will be decided in accordance with the admissions and registration rules and instructions set for each academic year by rector’s resolution.
  • The corresponding Centres will establish the scale and selection criteria for students’ admission applications, prior to the student pre-registration period and in accordance with the memory of the verified study plan. Said criteria must be sent to the vice-rector who has the competences for the respective studies at the UPCT with the duly stated time prior to the academic year.

Recommended entry profile:

The adequate entry profile for those students who are to commence studies in this master’s degree would need to include the following knowledge and aptitudes:

  • Competences linked to those degree qualifications that enable them to practice the profession of Ingeniero Técnico Agrícola.
  • A critical attitude and having the skill of analysis to make decisions.
  • The skill to plan and organise, to work in a team and motivation for self-learning in the field of technical studies.
  • Interest in developing a professional career in the agrifood sector.

Admission priority:

NUMBER OF PLACES (Course 2020-21): 20

This master’s degree has an admissions procedure prior to formal enrolment. In the event that the number of applications to take the proposed master’s degree exceeds the number of places offered, admissions will be determined taking as the priority criterion the applicant’s academic record, although the following order of preference for university qualifications is established:

  • Graduates in Ingeniería de la Rama Agrícola.
  • Ingenieros Agrónomos according to previous orders.
  • Ingenieros Técnicos Agrícolas according to previous orders.
  • Other Graduates

The average mark of the student’s academic record will be obtained according to the procedure included in the "Normas sobre el cálculo de la nota media de los expedientes académicos de la Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena".

All details pertaining to the admissions and registration process can be found in the Resolución R-930/20, de 2 de noviembre, del Rectorado de la Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, por la que se modifica la Resolución R-383/20, de 14 de mayo, por la que se aprueban las Instrucciones de admisión y matrícula en estudios oficiales de Máster universitario de la Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, para el curso académico 2020/21.

Likewise, the forms needed for this process can be found in the section of Impresos.

Recognition and transfer of credits

Credits taken in other official higher education learning or university studies leading to obtaining other qualifications can be recognised, provided that they are related with the master’s degree course in which you wish to have the credits recognised and that they are from the same or higher training level.

You can also have professional or work experience recognised, as well as studies form non-official university studies up to a maximum of 13.5 ECTS (15% of the master’s degree credits).

All the credits you have obtained from official studies in any University: transferred, recognised and passed to obtain the corresponding qualification, will be included in your academic record.

All the details pertaining to the recognition of credits can be found in the Reglamento de los Estudios Oficiales de Máster de la UPCT, aprobados por Consejo de Gobierno el 5 de noviembre de 2015.