ETSIA: University Master's Degree in Agronomic Engineering (2291)


Competences are understood to be "the set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are acquired or developed by means of coordinated training experiences, which have the purpose of achieving functional knowledge which responds efficiently to a task or problem in daily or professional life that requires a process of teaching and learning".

The competences can be, according to the classification used by the Ministerio de Educación en el Registro de Universidades, Centros y Títulos (RUCT), classified depending on how concrete they are:

  • Basic or general competences, which are common to the majority of Qualifications but are adapted to the specific context of each of the Qualifications. Personal competences, interpersonal competences, etc. fall within this category.
  • Specific competences, which belong to an area or Qualification and are oriented to achieving a specific graduate profile. These competences are circumscribed to training aspects and to areas of knowledge which are very closely linked to the Qualification.
  • Transversal competences, which are common to all the students at a particular University or university centre, irrespective of the Qualification being studied.

Link to the list of competences that the student acquires.

All the syllabus actions of the study plan are directed towards the students acquiring a set of competences, and therefore, for each module, topic or subject, what is expected of the student in terms of being able to do after passing it has been defined. The competences of each subject are available in the corresponding teaching guide and can be accessed at Study Plan.