ETSIA: University Master's Degree in Agronomic Engineering (2291)


Possible areas for career positions

The qualification of the Master’s degree in Agronomic Engineering leads to the (1) Regulated Profession of Agronomic Engineer, in accordance with the Orden CIN/325/2009, de 9 de febrero, which establishes the requirements for the verification of official university qualifications that enable to exercise the profession of Agronomic Engineer.

(1) Regulated Profession: the activity or series of professional activities for which access, exercise, or any of its modalities of exercise, requires either directly or indirectly a Qualification and constitutes a profession in a member state of the European Union or the European Economic Area, as well as Switzerland.

Possible areas for career positions

It is also possible to accede directly to doctorate studies. The Doctorado en Técnicas Avanzadas en Investigación y Desarrollo Agrario y Alimentario is recommended for graduates of this master’s degree.

Job offers

Once you have finished your course, the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena has its Portal de Empleo (PEM) where companies and institutions publish job offers for graduates of the different degrees. You can consult some of the job offers available for this qualification in the Portal de Empleo (PEM).